El Chupacabra
Happyrock Coffee

El Chupacabra

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Medium roast coffee with a serious bite. Makes a fine drip and a great espresso. Trace of chocolate with a touch of hazelnut. This coffee received 4.5 stars at RoastRatings.com !!!


"Caramel and chocolate fill out the aroma, as first sips reveal a round and juicy body. The citrus acidity comes into balance in this brew as the sweetness deepens into rich malt and caramel. Subtle undertones come in, reminding us of dark chocolate, cocoa, and nuts. The finish is long and pleasing, fading into a nutty caramel."  -RoastRatings.com



Happyrock Coffee is an award-winning small batch coffee roaster hidden in the heart of a small town. All coffee roasted on site in a retail space on Portland Ave in Gladstone, Oregon. Or as the locals say, Happyrock Oregon. 

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